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Debwewin Journey: A methodology and model of knowing

Lynn Gehl


This article discusses Debwewin Journey methodology that involves the “circle of heart” knowledge and the “circle of mind” knowledge working together. Rooted in “Anishinaabemowin” (the language of the “original peoples”), Anishinaabe (original man) traditional teachings, and Midewiwin scroll knowledge, this methodological approach predates European arrival on Turtle Island. While in my Debwewin Journey methodology I relied on particular methods to complete and connect the two circles of knowledge, other people will rely on different methods as they will be dependent on their gifts bestowed from the Creator and their research contexts, as well as in terms of what they want to achieve. In this way, Debwewin Journey is a fluid, personal, subjective and wholistic methodology that produces one’s “debwewin”—a personal and wholistic

truth that is rooted in one’s heart.

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