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Situation report: Report on the advances in territorial property rights of the Sumu-Mayangna community of Awas Tingni, Nicaragua

Esther Melba McLean Cornelio


Awas Tingni is a Sumu-Mayangna community located in the municipality of Waspám. The name Awas Tingni means blood-waterarm, a name which the elders also used for the Pine River, which is situated 100 kilometres from the city of Bilwi-Puerto Cabezas in the North Atlantic Autonomous Region (RAAN), Nicaragua. It is a Sumu-Mayangna village that uses the Panamhka dialect. The community of Awas Tingni consists of a population of 1,850, living in 305 families residing in 286 houses, the majority of whom belong to the Moravian Church. The community has a primary school, and a secondary school which students can attend for 3 years, with the costs of secondary education being met by the community’s own funds. As regards health care, the community has a clinic staffed by one nurse who attends to common illnesses, with a few scarce medicines for people in need.

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