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Perspectives on a decolonizing approach to research about indigenous women’s health: The indigenous women’s wellness study

Melissa Walker, Bronwyn Fredericks, Kyly Mills, Debra Anderson


This paper explores a decolonizing approach to research about Indigenous women’s health in Australia. The paper identifi es the strengths of decolonizing methodologies as a way to prioritize Indigenous values and worldviews, develop partnerships between researchers and the researched,and contribute to positive change. The authors draw on Laenui’s (2000) five-step model of decolonization to describe their work in the Indigenous Women’s Wellness Project in Brisbane, Queensland. They argue that Laenui’s model presents a valuable framework for conducting
decolonizing research projects about women’s health with Australian Indigenous women. The authors demonstrate that working within a decolonizing framework offers autonomy and sustainability for women’s wellness activities, while continuing to improve a community’s health and wellbeing outcomes.

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