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Revitalising memory in honour of traditional Maseko Ngoni governance

Devi Mucina


As a Maseko Ngoni this student poses the following research question: Can the personal historical memories of Indigenous governance and responsibilities be an asset to the debilitating and crippling neo-colonial, social-cultural and spiritual lives of the Maseko pfuko (kin-group) in Lizulu? By outlining ways to revitalise Ngoni mafuko (kin-group systems/governance) responsibilities through a personal remembrance of sacred oral histories, this essay will explore how ancient Ubuntu philosophies not only shaped the pre-colonial era of Maseko governance in Lizulu—but how it continues to enable the current Maseko community in Lizulu to maintain its identity. Unquestionably the vitality of the Ubuntu Maseko Ngoni philosophy which informed governance of years past has been undermined and demonised by colonialism. The act of collectively re-engaging our true knowledge (personal memory) will give us the foundation for regenerating Maseko Ngoni governance.

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