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Indigenous men and masculinities: Legacies, identities, regeneration

James Viernes


Robert Alexander Innes and Kim Anderson’s edited volume Indigenous Men and Masculinities: Legacies, Identities, Regeneration offers a thematically rich and theoretically rigorous collection of essays that celebrate, problematize, reinterpret, and advance concepts of masculinities prevalent in the academy and beyond that are specific to native men of the North American continent, Aotearoa New Zealand (hereafter referred to as New Zealand), and Hawai‘i. The range of themes, topics, and issues addressed in the volume’s 16 chapters is broad, and the attempt to coalesce wide-ranging points of view and theoretical approaches is ambitious. But the contributors to Indigenous Men and Masculinities achieve notable and commendable success in unpacking and interrogating the complex intersections of Indigenous masculinities with race, class, crime, sexuality, sport, nationalism, social programs and policy, the performing and literary arts, colonialism, decolonization, and more.

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