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Situation report

Hacky Kx'ami G/ao


Ju/’hoansi kokxui o dhari-a kaice n/a’ng te koh kokxui ka /’ae te /oa /ore ka /’ae, te //a’ke /ore ka /’ae, te cete tzin te ku kxui-a u ka /’ae. Ka //a’ke ku doq’m ka /’ae, khama ju te //a’ike !xoana doq’ma khoe, kota


≠abace du !kom. Ka kokxui /’ae-asi xabe g/ae //hai tih ko barahsa ke he g/ae. Khama ka m /oa n≠ai //koa ka /’ae ko kantor n!angsi, the koara g!a’amsisi.

The Ju/’hoansi language is a nice language, which was only spoken by the Ju/’hoan people themselves and was not written. Now that it has been written, it is slowly destructing itself. The language is now mixed up due to people of different ethnic groups living in the same places and to intermarriage. The language itself will suffer in the future. The language is not commonly used in the workplace as the medium of instruction.

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