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Enhancing learning for Pasifica @ UOA: A view from the inside

Judy Taligalu McFall–McCaffery


In 2005 the University of Auckland Library established a Pasifika Liaison Librarian position as a new initiative within the existing the Maori Services to enhance the learning of Pasifika students at the University and develop Pasifika Library Support and Information Services. This paper examines the background to the challenge of developing more effective services for Pasifika students and staff within a university institution from the perspectives of Pasifika staff who work in the library. It argues that the development of these services will be more effective if they build on existing University equity policies and seek integrated links with other Pasifika and Maori enhancement initiatives, perspectives and programmes. The paper examines existing Library policies and proposes ways of implementing these that provide for more effective partnerships between staff and services that will enhance services to Pasifika. It discusses some of the professional dilemmas for Pasifika staff seeking to bring a Pasifika perspective of service delivery and enhancement to Pasifika students and staff. It suggests an alternative integrated way of working collaboratively in partnerships which acknowledges, builds on, and empowers the life experiences and aspirations of Pasifika students and staff.

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