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Innovation as necessity: Te Rarawa and the challenges of multi-purpose research

Tracie Mafile'o, Wheturangi Walsh-Tapiata



Drawing from our experiences of being Māori and Tongan community academics within an Aotearoa New Zealand context, we identify tensions and possibilities arising from Māori and Pasifika inter-indigenous collaborations. In contrast to indigenous discourse centred on the self-determination of indigenous peoples in relation to a colonial other, this paper focuses on the interrelationship of indigenous Māori and Pasifika peoples, systems and knowledge. Historical, genealogical and cultural connections are explored, recognising that these connections have, in part, been redefined within colonialism. It is proposed that examination of the Māori and Pasifika interrelationship is a prerequisite for indigenous research excellence in the Aotearoa New Zealand-Pacific region context. While it is important to maintain our distinctiveness and diversities, it is equally important to harness and build alliances based on our connectedness.

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